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The Ivy Chanel Music Academy is online music academy that guides, coaches, empowers, and supports creative singers who want to live their musical dreams to the fullest! We help creatives live their musical purpose without apologies and liberate themselves from their fears and blocks. Additionally, we help transition singers from being amateurs to professionals, from background singers to lead vocalist, singer/songwriter and musician to an artist, and visa versa. Our academy also educates our students on monetizing their gifts and caring for their vocal cords to have a sustainable career.

We are not successful until you are a successful singer and performer.

As a member of The Ivy Chanel Music Academy, each "You Better Sang Member" will have access to the following services:

  • Unlimited access to our online  Vocal Training E - Course

  • Downloadable vocal training worksheets of exercises

  • Access to original vocal warmups

  • Access to original vocal exercises

  • Exclusive video vocal training by Ivy Chanel, "International Vocal Coach to the Stars"

  • Access to additional learning materials

  • Two new Monthly Masterclass Zoom presentation by Ivy Chanel

  • Exclusive discounts to attend the Webinars -"Mentor Session with the Pros," Musical Events & Shop

  • Access to The You Better Sang International Network and Forum

  • Free promotion on “The Flavor of the Month,” Members Board - Promote your shows, music and events

  • Monthly Showcase

 * All members attending the Two Monthly Masterclasses will be grouped based on ​ their level of  vocal skill and orientation scores. These are the group levels: Beginners  1 & 2, Advance 1 & 2, Master 1 & 2, and Professional Elite 1 & 2.  A description of each group level and to advance to the next higher stage is located in the members portal. If you need more information send us a message via the contact page. 

Extra Service Available to members are:

  • 1-2-1 Private vocal training

  • Private Group vocal training and directing Choirs and Worship Teams

  •  Studio Vocal Production

  • Artist Development 

  • Artists and Repertoire (A&R)

  • Music Production

  • Top lining and Songwriting Private Training for Singers and Songwriters

  • Mentorship (Entertainer, Songwriter, Producer, Musicianship)

  • Marketing/Branding 

  • Private Professional Elite Training

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