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Vocal Coach to the Stars.

Ivy Chanel is the Founder of the Ivy Chanel Music Academy. One of her dreams was to help others to live their music purpose as she is today. The Ivy Chanel Music Academy and other tools that accompany the site have been Ivy's desire since 2007. After hard work, discipline, and dedication, she is ecstatic to see her ideas come full fruition. She hopes you will gain insights, knowledge, and wisdom from our tools, services, learning materials, mentors' advice, and experiences. She wants you to know that we are not successful until you are, and we are here to make your dream a reality. 

In her career so far, Ivy has worked with an impressive list of people as a performer and vocal tutor, most notably Simon Cowell, who instantly became a fan of Ivy’s voice and tutoring skills. Ivy has tutored and mentored X Factor hopefuls, including Rough Copy (formally known as S.O.S.), Orise Williams (J.L.S.), Britain’s Got Talent’s Anthony Duncan (Flawless), Missy Elliot’s Road to Stardom’s Nyline Fields, Turkey’s The Voice 2013 finalist Ali Kose, Paloma Faith’s background singer Janelle Martin (Melodic Janelle) and Elisa ‘SCHMIDT’ a German Jazz, pop singer signed to Warner Music Germany, Joy Crooks and the list continues.


Originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A., Ivy is currently residing in the U.K. Ivy’s love of music and singing enables her to express her creative spirit. Her roots are in gospel, but she branched out into other genres such as soul, pop, jazz, and hip-hop. A gifted singer, her ‘soulful’ voice memorizes audiences by taking them on a captivating journey. As a professional singer, songwriter, producer, dancer, and author, Ivy has toured the U.S.A., U.K., U.A.E., and Europe. To date, Ivy has performed for President Clinton, Tony Blair, and many other dignitaries throughout the U.K., U.S.A., U.A.E., and the rest of Europe. She has performed as a featured and headliner act at The Ark Celebrity Fundraiser Gala as well at venues such as London’s Sadlers Wells Theatre, Café De Paris, The Jazz Café, The London Nottinghill Festival, The Global Gathering, 606 Jazz Venue, Hideaway Jazz Club, Lovebox Festivals, and the list goes on. Ivy has shared the stage with Legendary artists such as Stevie Wonder, John Legend, M.B.E. Omar Lye-Fook, Carl McIntosh, Roy Ayres, Mo Pleasure, Freedom of C + C Music Factory, and her brother Hip Hop Legendary DJ Cash Money. She is currently one of the lead singers for C + C Music Factory alongside Freedom Williams in Europe/Asia territories, Miss Hoodoo and The Delta Boys, The Milestones Band, UK R & B Band Loose Ends, and The Ivy Chanel Band.


Ivy’s gifts as a vocal coach enhance her students’/clients’ abilities and talents. She loves to share her passion and experiences. She sees her role as a mentor, vocal producer, and artist developer to enable others to achieve success and freedom of expression. Ivy helps her students/clients to enhance their gifts, find their ‘authentic voice,’ and build up their confidence to step out of their comfort zone. She offers her students/clients invaluable guidance to be authentic performers, whether on an amateur or professional stage. Ivy can coach various singing genres, including jazz, opera, soul, R&B, pop, hip-hop, country, and gospel.

Initially, she takes her students back to the basic skills of warming-up, breathing, expanding vocal range/octave, and training the ear to sing in tune. The student gets a clear understanding of the rules that are essential to the development of any singer. Each student starts with a blank canvas and is taught to sing as if they are painting a picture. They are then trained to perform by bringing the lyrics to life as an actor. Ivy’s coaching approach means that she can intuitively connect with her students/clients and make it easy for them to follow her direction.


Artist development is an essential aspect of Ivy’s work, and she prepares students to work with record labels, managers, and producers.  Her vast experience in the music industry means that she can advise students/clients on a professional level how to cope with being in the industry, life pressures, and manage their emotions while performing.


She loves her experiences of singing, performing, and lives out her dream by inspiring and helping others walk into their purpose.


Would you like to hire Ivy Chanel as a Mentor, Lecture, Vocal Coach, or Vocal Producer for your School, Workshop, or Corporate Event? If you would like to book Ivy Chanel, request a quote directly HERE. One of our agents will contact you within 48 hours and give you the best price that fits your budget. 

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