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During the Vocal Orientation Session, you, the artist, will be assessed on your vocal strengths and weaknesses. The Vocal Coach will present a strategic professional plan to help you on your musical journey from the results.

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During the private 1-to-1 session, as a Vocal Coach, we will identify your vocal strengths and weaknesses. We will develop a plan and goals based on the artist's level. You will be taught all necessary skills, define and strengthen your authentic voice, and prepare you to sing songs to perform. We will teach you the essential singing skills and the musical terminologies to know and understand how to produce the required sound. Together, we will expand your vocal range, strengthen your octave, and enhance your confidence level to express your creativity comfortably, work on harmonies, stage presence, and improvisation.

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Choir directing and training services are for small and large groups, churches, and schools. We cover genres such as Gospel, Jazz, House, and Barber Shop. In our training, we teach the members how to define their parts, blend as a choir, deliver dynamics, and learn vocal techniques. A consultation session is required for this service.

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As an artist developer, we will help with the process that you, the artist, develop your talent and skills necessary to build a professional career in the music industry. This service includes managing voice training, songwriting, image, branding, music, video production, live performance, marketing, and social media.

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While in the studio, as vocal consultant coach, you, the recording artist, may have problems understanding or producing what the producer asks of you vocally. We will be on standby to help when vocal issues occur.

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As a studio vocal producer, we will help get the very best recorded vocal which you, the artist, can produce. This task involves assisting you to sing with the appropriate techniques and delivering the song most authentic and emotionally compelling way possible. Hence, it causes an emotional response in the listener. We guide the artist through the recording performance.

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Top lining and Songwriting training is for the Singer/Songwriter who wants a  Private Session with a Professional Songwriter/Topliner.

We give feedback and advice on how to improve your song's writing and top lining at a professional industry level before recording and releasing a song commercially.

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As a music producer, we will create an environment that enables artists to create and express themselves. Also, I assist an artist’s recording project with many of the details, including choosing which material to record, liaison with the recording engineer, adapting arrangements, balancing the recording budget, and influencing mixes.

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As an A & R (Artist and Repertoire) for your Single, EP, and Album, we will commit the following services to alleviate any pressures or confusion of how to produce a substantial body of work:

  • Oversee the artist's artistic development and commercial development (recording artist) to create a single, EP, or Album at the highest industry level

  • Liaison between the producers, musicians, studio engineer, and artist

  • Assist in developing a recording, production plan, and project manage the body of work to the completion date that is agreed upon

  • Offer industry & artistic advice

  • Help choose the correct producers to produce songs

  • Choose the proper studio

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We offer you the Artist, a private one-hour session phone call with a Professional Mentor. As a Mentor, we will advise, encourage, guide, answer any music business and marketing questions that you, the Artist, may have regarding your musical career. The advice given is for guidance, but you decide whether you want to take heed and implement it in your process. You can book mentoring sessions in six or more blocks based on the subject and need.

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We offer you the Artist, a private consultation call with a professional Marketing/Branding Strategist that will help create marketing and branding strategies to help you stand out from the crowd and increase your visibility.

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We offer 1-2-1 private sessions to Professional Recording Artists who need vocal training during tours and recording studio sessions for commercial release with the recording label support. We provide more of a bespoke plan to cater to the Artist's and Recording Label's needs and assign a qualified Vocal Coach to accompany the Artist while on tour. We prepare the Artist for radio, tv interviews and help them create a vocal training regiment that fits their lifestyle. We also offer refresher courses to remove the bad habits that could damage their vocal cords and offer a healthier plan.

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Group Vocal Training*


Every month there will be a specific target area within your vocal training program:

  • Mindset - Physical/Vocal Warmup, Healthy Vocal Cords, Posture 3 Voices

  • Power - Basic Scale, Breathing, Diction

  • Vision - Unison, Ear Training, Vocal Technique

  • Identify - Ear Training, Rhythm, Voice Projection, Conviction

  • Plain - Solo, Confidence Building, Improvisation

  • Faith - Harmony, Blend

  • Action - Lead Performance, Vocal Arrangement

  • Discipline - Creativity, Emotions, Practicing

  • Perseverance, Health, Love

Q&A After Each Session

Staying on your A-Game, Live You Dream, Define you why and True Voice, Monetize your gifts, Exercises, Warm-ups, Stay Creative, Vocal Techniques, Performance Techniques, Building Confidence, Health Tips and more....


Group Levels:

Beginners -  Advance - Master - Professional Elite

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