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The "You Better Sang! – Release the singer from within" (Volume 1) book will assist inspiring singers at all levels to release the singer from within!


Included in this book is Ivy Chanel's Eight Main Ingredients, which are to use as tools to help the reader form a solid foundation for becoming a great singer. The Ivy Chanel's Eight Ingredients are "Vision," "Identify," "Plan," "Faith," "Action," "Discipline," "Perseverance," and "Love." These ingredients can also help the reader achieve any life goal that they may have and assist in overcoming any obstacle.


This book will help the singer define their real voice, offering guidance to express themselves by using and controlling their breathing. It will also help the singer apply vocal techniques, discover their vocal register, and teach the singer how to implement the correct formation of their mouth to produce the right sound. It explains how to add emotions to their performance, develop stage presence, goal setting, and visualize themselves conquering their goal. It also encourages them to build their confidence level, turning negative thoughts and speech into positive ones.


Ivy Chanel decided to write this book to guide, encourage, and share her experience and knowledge with her readers, who desires to learn how to sing correctly, protect their vocal cords, and express their creative gifts with the world.


The "You Better Sang! - Release the singer from within!" (Volume 1) "book is the first book of the seven "You Better" series. Start Your Journey Today!

You Better Sang - Release The Singer From within! Book (Volume 1)

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