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Hi, my 'You Better Sang' Creative Tribal Member!


Welcome to the Ivy Chanel Music Academy! 


To ensure you get the most out of being a member, please action the following: 


1. Create Your Profile - Create your profile within the members' hub; add your image and contact details. This will allow other members to connect with you and network. We have members from all over the world, so do make sure your profile is up-to-date. 


Access and start creating your profile - Click Here


2. Join a Group - We have four groups for the masterclasses;


Groups - Mentoring for this group is on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday from 7:30 PM - 9:30pm GMT | 2:30 PM - 4:30 PM EST


The Masterclasses (Twice a Month) - To support you in our Group Masterclass Training Programme, please do the homework, ask questions via the Forum, take notes, and connect with other members in your group for support.


Access your weekly mentoring via the 'Mentoring' link the Member's Only Page - Click Here 


(Please note: From March 1st, 2021, Vocalist will be put into their correct level group for the masterclass)


Beginner 1 & 2: Tuesday 7PM - 8PM (GMT) / 2 PM - 3 PM (EST)

Advanced 1 & 2: Tuesday 8 PM - 9 PM (GMT) /3 PM - 4 PM (EST)

Masters 1 & 2: Thursdays 7 PM - 8 PM (GMT) / 2 PM - 3 PM (EST)

Elite 1 & 2: Thursdays 8 PM - 9PM (GMT) / 3PM - 4PM (EST)

*For the breakdown of Group Levels - Click Here

Once a month, one of our Guest Mentors will be sharing their knowledge, experiences, and advice with our members and prospects to help you level up in your creative careers. We are hosting this monthly event to help you succeed, as we know that Wisdom is the foundation of success. Join the event! (Click Here)  


3. Never Miss An Email - Ensure is in your email contact list so that our emails do not go into your junk mail. (Note: We send members emails in preparation for the masterclasses) 


4. Turn On Notifications - Check the Forum regularly during the week for any updates that will help to enhance your vocal abilities and career. This could include posts from other members, event announcements, new promotions, etc. 

5. Get Involved - Use the Forum to tell other members what you need and what you are doing; we are here to support you as part of our You Better Sang Creative Tribe. We can only support you when we know what you're doing; use the Forum to update us.


*(Forum Rules: please do not use the Forum to discuss politics, religion, sex, or any non-business related issues. Keep the content strictly to brand singing and musical activities. Please note: Ivy Chanel Music Academy is not responsible for any business or collaborations amongst the members.) 


Get access to your Forum - Click Here


Be Promoted - We have created a Members Board with links to your website. Please send us a high-resolution headshot of yourself (make sure the background is clean white) with a short bio to


*Note: Soon, you will have to pay a premium for this service, so take up the opportunity while still free! 


6. Live IG Mentoring Vocal Lesson Tips - Have fun with me on IG for a live 1-2-1 vocal and music career training session - Only those who are committed get on the 'gram! 


*Note: Soon, you will have to pay a premium for this service, so take up the opportunity while still free! 


7. E-Courses & Worksheets: Please watch and listen to the e-courses from both myself and the other ICMA Mentors. Remember, you can download the worksheets and templates. Plus, you can re-listen to all the mentoring sessions from the previous weeks as long as your membership is active. We tend to update the e-courses and learning materials monthly, so stay tuned for your new content, which is due at the end of each month. 


Access your E-courses & Downloads - Click Here

I hope you agree that for just £29.99 p/m you are getting a lot! 

Enjoy it all, have fun, be a sponge, make sure you are involved, engaged, and doing the work! "Let's get this Learning Party Started!" 



Ivy Chanel

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